Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coming Soon!

     I'm finally starting to put the framework of Operation: Wicked Sweet World Conquest by Art, a.k.a Operation: Handsome Walrus, into place. Starting with my brand spankin' new website, and hopefully ending with me becoming a world famous illustrator and pre-production artist (hey a guy can dream right?). More as this story unfolds, but for now here's a little piece of artwork that I did while I'm putting the site together. I don't know if anybody will see it, because by the time the site is up and ready to go there won't likely be a need for it. 

    Additionally, I am a trained professional, so don't try running with chainsaws at home. Well, I'm not really a professional chainsaw-ist, more of an enthusiast. No, I don't really like chainsaws enough to say I'm an enthusiast. More of a...well...ummmm...a guy who once witnessed a chainsaw.....gas can.......briefly..........or something.