Thursday, November 10, 2011

Published at Last

Greetings Earth Persons,

'Tis I Devin. Here's the skinny. If all goes well a very good friend of mine and I are actually getting a three page short story published in a comics anthology. I'd tell ya the story but I'm hoping most people who enjoy my blog will pick it up. Long story short, these are the three main Characters. The finished art will obviously be much tighter and inked but I wanted to put these up for public scrutiny.
For more info check out this lil linky link:

Thanks For Lookin'


Tyler! said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG, want a free colorist that doubles as a videogame artist?

I'm weeping with proudness.

r10t said...

I suppose this is really bias of me but... AWESOME!!!

Katiethree said...

Hi Devon, Good Lord, I knew you could draw, but this is freakin' unreal....I haven't seen one of your drawings since you were a kid...I am WOWed...Holy !!!!!!!!! I am just stunned, Awesome work Devon, I am so proud of you....Wow !!!!!

From your cousin
Kathy Somers


You won't have any problem getting your toons published !!!!!!!!!! Good work