Monday, October 25, 2010

Almost Did

This is the second to last sample page I'm doing for an idea that a friend of mine is writing for me, after I get the next one finished I may finally be able to get my girlfriend to ink the poop out of 'em. Then it's on to another idea from another friend, man these pet projects tend to pile up if you procrastinate. As usual check it out let me in on any criticisms you may have, I'm always looking for feedback y'alls.


Pipplestink Von Beeftickets III + 1= Awesome !!


cindel-rella said...

Hey Devin!

It was kinda funny. You know the 'People you may know' section on Facebook? Well, there you were and I was like, "I DO know Devin!". I clicked on your link, and here I am.

Anyways, I am so super happy for you, and seeing you are doing what it was always apparent you were meant to do; to create beautiful art! I always knew you'd be great! :)

Awesome stuff!

Your former classmate,

Cindel Wade ( formerly Thibodeau)

Tyno said...

You're a fantastic penciller. These are some dynamic shots mang!

I would read your comic, without words...without words Devin.

You finish his up, get cindy inking & lettering (she's good at that stuff)
and send this into image/darkhorse/vertigo/topcow/idw.

fo real, vampires are so overdone, but werewolves are the new zombies.


also, my word verification was gliondie...that's pretty hardcore.

Titles, please. said...

Hey Devin!

Thanks for the lovely comment on the ol' blog. :)

I know right, Mrs.? Lol.

Everything is well and I meant every letter of those words. I remember being in class, peering over your shoulder to see what you were doodling next. I was envious, to be honest...I still wish I could draw like that.

"Eloquent artist". Coming from you, with your immense talent, I am flattered!

Yeah, that was dumb; the formerly 'Thibodeau' thing. Duh, like there was a 1/2 a dozen Cindels that went to our school.

Take care Mr. Taylor and I will be following your work with much anticipation!