Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cover

This is my comic cover I'm having a little trouble getting clean scans cos I'm using an H pencil so these pages will be easier to ink, aside from that however critique away, I always love to hear what people think even if they just want to tell me off. So check it out and leave me some feedback.

Farewell my pretties,



CINDY said...

Good looking stuff! Just like you. You already got my one critique on it, but I want to add that it looks awesome inked, and I can't wait to see it colored and see more pages!

Keep it up, you'll be a great comic artist!

Anonymous said...

What are you calling your comic?

Devin said...

I don't know yet, maybe Wolfman and Son Pest Control Inc. Or Fantastic Hooker Safari. Seriously though I have no friggin clue what to call it. I'll let you know when I think of a suitable title.

Tyno said...

Nice work dude,
These are really great pencils.
If you make one solid issue, you'll have an easier time pitching the comic to creator owned type publishers.

Is Cindy inking these?

Can I be a slaughtered victim at some point in this book?

Devin said...

Thanks man, and yeah I think the Plood is gonna ink em when she gets the chance she's been practicing and from what I've seen she'd be a bleedin' fantastic inker. If at any point I can get some corpses in there (which I will) I'd definitely put your likeness in there.

Kim Buck said...

holy cannelloni Devin!!! Your art is flippin rockin sir! LOVE the comic stuff! YEAH!!!

Mallory Yourrr SISTAAAAAA said...

devin your a sick fuck....niff said.. love you brotha you rock faces!